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Frequently Asked Questions About SudsNDuds​

Wash & Fold

The minimum order is 10  pounds.

We use Gain for our residential  customers.  We use a commercial brand for our commercial customers.  If you  prefer something else, just bring it when you bring in your laundry.

Your clean clothes will be ready for you to pick up in as little as 4 hours in the off-season, or up to 1-3 days during peak season.  Our peak tourist season is March - August.  When you drop off, we will give you an approximate pick-up time and you will receive a text when your order is complete.

Yes, down takes an incredibly long time to dry, so we charge an additional $10.00 for your down comforters.

Self-Serve Laundromat

We open at 8 a.m. and close at 9 p.m., but our last load is at 7:30 p.m. 

Yes, our laundromats are in shopping centers where there is an abundance of parking.

We sell it from our vending machine.

We have an ATM machine.

We have machines as large as 80 pounds--that's like 8 top loading machines and we have lots of large machines.

We are fully attended.  There is always somebody to help you.

Commercial Laundry

We launder for almost all businesses.

Just click here and leave me your contact information.  I will get in touch with you during the business day.

We will do a FREE pickup as long as you are in our service areas.

Shoe Repair

It takes a week for your shoe repair to be complete.

Each order is individually priced.  No work will be done until we give you the price and you agree on it.


Most orders are done in two days, but if you need same day service, it will cost a little bit more.  Something more complex might take a little longer.